The Beer

Farmhouse Fest is different from most festivals. We obsessively focus on a narrow range of beer styles: Saisons, Wild Ales and Sours. Second, to ensure the quality and selection we are striving for, we focus on breweries who are quality driven, experimental, and have a track record of producing great farmhouse beers.


Farmhouse ales are a perfect canvas for new and innovative ideas. Their rich depth of flavours lets brewers explore exciting possibilities in any aspect of the beer. Malt character, hop flavours and aromas, yeast esters and phenols, funk and acid, fruit and spice additions, and oak aging are all on the table for the brewer.

We’re bringing in some of the best and newest breweries in the province, as well as guests from around the world. What you'll find at Farmhouse Fest is listed below.

  • Beerthirst

    • Almanac - Saison de Brettaville

      White wine barrel-aged brett saison, 7.2%

    • Almanac - Blueberry Reserve

      Wine barrel-aged sour ale with blueberries, 7%

    • Bear Republic - Tartare Rouge

      Spontaneously-fermented red ale, 6%

    • Bear Republic - Sonoma County Wild Pale

      American wild pale ale, 7.5%

    • Ecliptic - Zenith

      Grapefruit Gose, 4.5%

    • Funkwerks - Tropic King

      Extra Saison, 8%

    • Jolly Pumpkin - Bam Bière

      Farmhouse Ale, 4.5%

    • Moylans - Lonely Tarts Club Ale

      Flanders red ale with cherries, 5.3%

    • Trinity - One Ear

      Classic saison brewed with oats & rye, 6.5%

    • Trinity - Saison Delivery

      Saison with apple & grains of paradise aged in Chardonnay barrels, 9.5%

  • Brassneck

    • Buzzkill

      Table ale brewed with a highly experimental yeast

    • Magician's Assistant

      Sour ale dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin, 6%

    • Stockholm Syndrome

      Foudre-aged Brett Saison, 6.5%

    • Raspberry Changeling

      Sour ale with raspberry, 6.5%

    • Viognier Changeling

      Sour ale with Viognier grapes, 6.5%

  • Callister Brewing

    • Josie

      Sour saison from the barrel (Boombox)

    • Josie's Vacation

      Saison with strawberry & kiwi (Boombox)

    • La Belle Gin

      Gin-oaked French saison with juniper (Callister)

    • BC4

      Sour saison with black currant (Brewery Creek)

  • Copper & Theory

    • Cantillon - Gueuze

      Authentic Zenne-valley gueuze, 5%

    • Cantillon - Rose de Gambrinus

      Framboise (lambic with raspberries), 5%

    • Commons - Myrtle

      Tart dry-hopped farmhouse ale, 5.1%

    • Commons - Petit Classique

      Table saison with pink peppercorns, 4.3%

    • Commons - Stay Awhile

      Table saison hopped with Equinox, 4.2%

    • Brouwerij De Ranke - Cuvee de Ranke

      Sour ale / lambic blend, 7%

    • Glazen Toren - Saison d'Erpe Mere

      Classic saison, 6.9%

    • Upright - Amber Saison

      Orval-tribute hoppy amber saison

    • Upright - Sunset Saison

      Golden Saison w lemongrass and rose hips, 7%

    • Upright - Seven

      Modern farmhouse saison, 8%

  • Dageraad Brewing

    • Amber Kelderbier

      Brett bottle-conditioned Dageraad Amber

    • Peachy Brett

      Dageraad Blonde infused with peaches and refermented with brett

    • Randonneur

      Classic saison, 6.4%

    • Saison Blanc

      French saison

    • Uncomfortable Silence

      Brassneck collaboration dark Belgian ale with cherries & brett, 8.5%

  • Brasserie Dunham

    • Assemblage No. 1

      Barrel-aged blend of our Pale Ale + Propolis with brett, 5.5%

    • Assemblage No. 6

      A showcase of the character red fruits can contribute to wild yeasts. A three beer blend aged in wine barrels, our tribute to Rodenbach Caractère Rouge, 5.5%

    • Berliner Mango Weisse

      Berliner Weisse aged on mangos, 4.2%

    • No Tahoma

      Farmhouse Pale Ale with oat malt and six hop varietals (but no Tahoma), 5.3%

    • Ping Pong Wizard

      Wheat Grisette with local malt and the wild Luskville hop from Lupuline hopyard in Outaouais, fermented with Brett Drei. Collaboration with Cambridge Brewing Co., 5%

  • Field House Brewing

    • Dutch Sour White

      Sour white ale with coriander and orange peel, 6%

    • Wild Fields

      Wild Cider/Ale Blend, 6%

    • Wild Saison

      Saison with brettanomyces lambicus, 6%

  • Four Winds Brewing

    • Exil d’Eden

      Trou du Diable collaboration apple & oat table saison, 5%

    • Honeymoon Baby

      Brassneck collaboration tropical saison with rice, 5%

    • Marge

      Tequila barrel-aged saison with lime and salt

    • Nectarous

      Dry-hopped sour, 6%

    • Operis

      Barrel-aged brett saison, 6.7%

    • Pequeño Cabo

      Tequila barrel aged berliner weisse, 4.2%

    • Salt & Pepper Gose

      Traditional gose brewed with black pepper, 4.5%

    • Sovereign

      Super saison, 9%

  • Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

    • Hikari

      Powell Street collaboration imperial dry-hopped sour ale, 7.2%

    • Kiwami

      Sour ale with plums

    • Takumi

      Small batch sour ale with Saskatoon berries

    • Icarus Mosaic Saison

      Belgian style saison single-hopped with Mosaic

  • Microbrasserie Le Castor

    • Brett Zeste Saison

      Brett saison with citrus zest & juice and cracked pepper, 5%

    • Dark Farmhouse

      Dark saison with brett

    • Farmhouse Houblon

      Saison dry hopped with Pacific Northwest Hops and bottle conditioned with Brett

    • Le Moine Feral

      Belgian-style Tripel, bottled conditioned with Brett

    • Sanctuaire Brett

      Belgian-style Tripel aged in red wine barrels & refermented with Brett

  • Le Trou du Diable

    • Aldred

      American saison, 4.5%

    • Dulcis Succubus

      Wild saison aged in white wine barrels, 7%

    • Exil d’Eden

      Four Winds collaboration apple & oat table saison, 5%

    • Saison Sainte Maurice

      Saison brewed with brett, 4%

    • Saison du Tracteur

      World Beer Cup gold medal-winning classic saison, 6%

  • Main Street Brewing

    • Saison Blanc

      Saison hopped with Hallertau

    • Brett Reifel

      Rye saison with brett

    • Oud Bruin

      Sour brown Flemish-style ale

  • Modern Times Beer

    • Fruitlands

      Classic gose brewed with apricot, 4.8%

    • Lomaland

      Classic saison, 5.5%

  • Moody Ales

    • North American Gose

      Wild yeast-fermented gose with grapefruit peel, grey sea salt, and a generous addition of Mosaic hops.

    • Rye Sour Saison

      Soured saison brewed with dark rye

    • Sour Hibiscus Gruit

      Un-hopped soured ale brewed with hibiscus flowers

  • Moon Under Water

    • Spring Saison

      Saison with fruity German hops

    • Berliner Weisse

      Aged 8 months with brett and lacto

    • Kokako

      Dry hopped oak-aged wild ale with kiwi

    • Oud King Crow

      French oak-aged for 12 months with brett and lacto

  • Parallel 49 Brewing

    • Brett IPA

      Brett-primary west coast IPA

    • Paranoid

      Chardonnay & sake oak-aged imperial rice pilsner with Brett

    • Garden Saison

      Saison with garden herbs

  • pFriem Brewing

    • Frambozen

      Raspberry lambic-style ale

    • Peche

      Heirloom peaches added to year-old lambic, 5.8%

    • Saison

      Classic saison, 6.2%

  • Steamworks Brewing

    • Brett Saison

      100% Brett Brux fermented, 5.5%

    • Muscari

      Wild ale fermented with yeast isolated from Muscari flowers, 6%

    • Tonnellerie

      Brett and lacto soured saison blended from red and white wine barrels, 5.5%

  • Steel & Oak Brewing

    • Kung Fu Necktie

      Saison with ginger & szechuan peppers

    • Purple Draaaank

      Saison with boysenberry

    • Titian

      Barrel-aged Belgian-style sour ale

  • Steel Toad Brewing

    • Brett Double IPA

      Saison-styled Double IPA with brett, 10%

    • Brett Sauvignon

      Brett-fermented saison with Nelson Sauvin hops, 5.5%

    • Farmhouse Double IPA

      Saison-styled Double IPA, 10%

  • Strange Fellows Brewing

    • Coup de Foudre

      Foudre-aged sour ale

    • Roxanne

      Black raspberry cultured sour ale

    • Oud Bruin

      Flanders Brown Ale

  • Trading Post Brewing

    • Ohwhyee

      Tropical IPA / wheat ale cross with brett, 5.3%

    • Otis

      Brett saison with sweet orange and grains of paradise, 6.5%

    • Tart Cranberry Ale

      Soured cranberry wheat ale fermented with 100% brett

  • Twin Sails Brewing

    • Citrus Gose

      Ale with sea salt, coriander & grapefruit zest

    • Dry-hopped brett ale

      100% Brett ale with Citra and Galaxy

    • Tart wheat saison

      Mixed fermentation saison with brett & lacto

  • Txotx Basque Imports

    • Astarbe - Mendiola Sidra Natural

      Basque sidra, 6.5%

    • Shacksbury - The Basque

      Basque-style sidra, 6.2%

    • Woodland Empire - Maybe Ghosts

      Saison with malt smoked over apricot, apple, asian pear and cherry wood, 5.6%

    • Woodland Empire - Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free (Carrot)

      Berlinerweisse with house-pressed carrot juice, 4%

    • Woodland Empire - Yirge

      Saison with coffee, 5.5%

  • UnTapped Craft Imports

    • Dieu du Ciel - Saison du Parc

      Hoppy saison, 4.2%

    • Dieu du Ciel - Hérétique Obscura

      Oak-fermented black ale with brett

    • Les Trois Mousquetaires - Hors Série Oud Bruin

      Oak-aged Flanders brown ale, 7.8%

    • Les Trois Mousquetaires - Hors Série Saison Brett

      Oak-fermented saison with brett, 7%

  • Westbier

    • Bockor - Cuvée des Jacobins

      Flanders red ale, 5.5%

    • Brekeriet - Raudhetta

      Spontaneous barrel-fermented red ale, 4.5%

    • Brekeriet - Scanium

      Sour wine barrel-aged saison collaboration with To Øl & Stillwater, 6%

    • To Øl - Sur Amarillo

      Sour ale dry-hopped with Amarillo, 7.5%

    • To Øl - Sky Mountain Sour

      Berlinerweisse collaboration with Buxton Brewery, 4.9%

    • To Øl - Sur Yule

      Sour ale with cherries, 5.4%

    • Van Honsebrouck - Fond Tradition Kriek

      Traditional lambic with cherries, 6.5%

  • Yellow Dog Brewing

    • Barrel-Aged Peach Offleash

      Sour ale with peaches

    • Brett Double IPA

      Brett-fermented Double IPA

    • Super Secret White Sour

      Barrel-aged kettle soured ale with brett

Specific beers subject to availability & distribution whims.