Let's Talk About Beer

Farmhouse Fest is different from most festivals. First off, only three styles are allowed: Saisons, Wild Ales and Sours. Second, to ensure the quality and selection we are striving for, only select breweries who brew these styles were invited. We want to showcase new and unique beers and because of this, we hand-picked the beers from each brewery.

  • Beerthirst

    • Elysian Huckleberry Sour

      Berliner Weisse with huckleberries, 2.8% (info)

    • Elysian Unite Red

      Berliner Weisse with black raspberry, 4% (info)

    • Logsdon Seizoen

      Saison, 7.5% (info)

    • Logsdon Seizoen Bretta

      Saison, 8% (info)

    • Logsdon Oak-Aged Bretta

      Sour Saison, 8% (info)

    • North Coast Le Merle

      Saison, 7.9% (info)

    • North Coast Puck

      Table Saison, 4% (info)

  • Brassneck

    • Changeling

      Sour ale with raspberries, 6%

    • Sticks & Stones

      Rye Saison, 6.5%

    • Stockholm Syndrome

      Brett Saison, 6.5%

  • Bravo Beer Co

    • Verhaeghe Duchesse de Bourgogne

      Flanders Red, 6.2% (info)

    • Saison Dupont Vieille Provision

      Saison, 6.5% (info)

    • Saison Dupont Cuvée Dry Hopping

      Saison, 6.5% (info)

    • Dupont Avec les Bons Voeux

      Strong Saison, 9.5% (info)

  • Category 12 Brewing

    • Unsanctioned Saison

      Saison, 6.9%

    • Pilot Batch Table Saison

      Table Saison

  • The Commons Brewery

    • Biere Premiere

      Experimental saison, 4.9% (info)

    • Motueka Saison

      Classic saison with a twist, 5.2%

  • Copper & Theory

    • Breakside Amuse

      Saison, 5%

    • Cantillon Gueuze

      Gueuze, 5% (info)

    • Cantillon Iris

      Dry hopped sour ale, 6.5% (info)

    • pFriem Saison

      Saison, 6.5% (info)

    • pFriem Flanders Blonde

      Pinot barrel-aged sour blonde ale, 7.1% (info)

  • Craft Beer Importers

    • De Molen / Anchorage Mud & Funk

      Wild imperial stout (info)

    • Omnipollo Magic #42

      Sour witbier with passionfruit and key lime, 4.5% (info)

    • Omnipollo Magic #7

      Sour witbier with pineapple and spearmint (info)

  • Dageraad Brewing

    • Passionfruit De Witte

      Sour wheat ale with passionfruit, 5.2%

    • Randonneur

      Saison, 6.4%

    • Pilot Batch Saison


  • Driftwood Brewing

    • Obscuritas

      Dark Sour

  • Four Winds Brewing

    • Nectarous

      Dry-hopped sour

    • Operis

      Brett saison

    • Passionfruit Berliner Weisse

      Berliner Weisse

    • Pequeño Cabo

      Tequila barrel-aged Berliner Weisse

    • Sovereign

      Saison with brett and lacto

  • Goose Island Brewery

    • Sofie

      Wine barrel-aged wild fermented saison with orange peel (info)

    • Matilda

      Brett Belgian-style ale (info)

  • Lighthouse Brewing

    • Drumbeg

      Sour blackberry saison, served from the barrel it was soured in

    • Wreckoning

      Brett IPA with Rakau and Citra

  • Main Street Brewing

    • Cantus Fermus

      Turbid mash house sour, pitched with Cantillon dregs

    • Checkpoint Charlie

      Berliner Weisse

    • Feet to the Fire

      Classic Saison

    • Historic Porter

      Porter with brett

  • Moon Brewpub

    • Hip as Funk

      Brett blond ale with New Zealand hops

    • Moon Berliner-style Weisse

      Berliner Weisse

    • Sang du Merle

      Port barrel-aged sour ale with black currents

    • Tempus Corvi

      Sour Saison

  • Parallel 49 Brewing

    • Lil' Redemption

      Sour red ale with cherries, 7%

    • Sour White

      Sour wheat ale aged in Chardonnay barrels, 7%

    • Apricotopus

      Sour apricot saison, 6.5%

  • Persephone Brewing

    • Farmhouse Saison

      Traditional Belgian-style saison

    • Brett IPA

      West coast hops with tropical, fruity brett

    • Spruce tip & Salmonberry sour

      Experimental kettle sour with locally foraged ingredients

  • Powell Street Brewing

    • Brett Azacca

      American pale ale with brett

    • Brett Saison

      Saison with brett

    • Grisette

      Table saison

  • Steel & Oak Brewing

    • Llimada

      Sour red lager

    • Mehrkorn

      Multigrain brett ale

  • Strange Fellows Brewing

    • Bayard

      Traditional Belgian-style saison

    • Roxanne

      Sour black raspberry grisette

    • Grisette

      Sour table saison

  • Storm Brewing

    • Imperial Flanders Red

      Barrel-aged sour brown ale, 11%

  • Txotx Basque Imports

    • Isastegi Sagardo Naturala

      Wild-fermented dry Basque cider (info)

    • Larraldea Sagardo Naturala

      Wild yeast dry Basque-style cider (info)

    • Shacksbury Basque Sidra

      Wild-fermented Basque cider (info)

  • UnTapped Craft Imports

    • Double Mountain Devil's Kriek

      Flanders red with bing cherries (info)

    • Dieu du Ciel Exorciste aux mûres (2015)

      Sour oak-aged ale with blackberries (info)

    • Les Trois Mousquetaires Gose

      Lightly salted sour mash ale with coriander (info)

  • Westbier

    • St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition

      Traditional Belgian gueuze (info)

    • St. Louis Fond Tradition Kriek Lambic

      Traditional Belgian lambic with cherries (info)

    • Bockor Cuvée des Jacobins

      Traditional Belgian Flanders red (info)

    • St Feuillien Saison

      Classic Belgian saison (info)

    • To Øl Snowball

      Chardonnay barrel-aged saison (info)

  • Yellow Dog Brewing

    • Super Secret White

      Kettle soured white ale with brett

    • Untamed

      Brett pale ale

Specific beers subject to availability & distribution whims.

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